Short history

Lantos Ltd. is a company producing plastic packaging materials with a history of several decades. We have been manufacturing PVC, PET-G and Polylaminated decorative capsules for various wine and other beverage bottles since 1998. Within ten years, we became the leading capsule manufacturer in Hungary, but we are also present with our products in Italy, Slovakia, Romania and Serbia. Since 2013 we have been the sole distributor of the high-quality aluminum screw caps of the German Bramlage-Rrauh group in Hungary. We provide these caps with individual logo printing in accordance with customer needs. Since 2020, we have been the sole distributor of the premium cork stoppers of Lafitte Group on the Hungarian market.

High quality products

The basic expectation of our customers from us is to provide high quality products, which is why we have been continuously developing and modernizing our machine park and widening our product portfolio since our foundation.

Customized solutions

Capsules are one of the most important decorative elements in wine and other beverage bottles. Our customers come to us with requirements of various shapes, sizes and appearances, which we always try to satisfy with the highest professional competence.

Flexible delivery

In countless cases, our clients have to satisfy their customers in very short notice . In this case, the capsule or screw cap required for bottling is also needed as soon as possible. Our company maintains a personal relationship with its regular customers, if necessary, we can fulfill extremely short-term orders.